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Reach Calculator

When should you use the Reach Calculator?

Sometimes it’s hard to guesstimate how much you or a client needs to spend on Social Media Ads to reach their goals.

Our Reach Calculator will help you to:

  • 💸 get an idea of how much return a certain amount of budget could bring you on different social media platforms

Note: To calculate your result, the tool uses industry-standard metrics. This implicates that the result is by no means guaranteed.

How to use the Reach Calculator

1. Add a budget (1) you want to simulate with.

2. Choose the platforms (2) you plan to run your campaigns on.

3. Choose the industry you’re in (3).

4. Define how the budget should be treated (4).


On our first example, you see a budget of 500€ that is set to: show maximal reach for each platform. Underneath each platform, you will see how much reach, engagement, traffic, and conversions those 250€ could bring you for said platform.

500€ for Facebook
500€ for Instagram
500€ for Google
etc. …

The second example takes the same budget of 500€, but this time splits it between the platforms. Each platform gets 1/6 of the budget and calculates the possible reach, engagement and so forth.

88,3€ for Facebook
88,3€ for Instagram
88,3€ for Google
etc. …