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QR Code Generator

When should you use the QR Code Generator?

QR Codes drastically improve the offline user experience for your users. Be it in a restaurant for the online menu, or just a link on the packaging of your product – scanning is much simpler than typing (and remembering). Furthermore it’s not easy to track such scans, which is why our QR Code generator can be used with neon.ly, allowing you to track how many times a QR Code was scanned and accessed.

When to use our generator is thus pretty clear:

  • 📲 to create links that are accessed offline, but in a simple and trackable way

How to use the QR Code Generator

1. Add the website URL that people who scan the code should land on (1)

2. Pro-tip: You can also use neon.lys (2). Create a neon.ly first so you’re able to track your QR Code scans!

3. Submit