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How to analyze your campaign results

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After all this testing, you now have valuable data about your ads and ad sets that you should use to make decisions in future campaigns. To demonstrate this via video, I’ll show you our own, real campaign results and explain how you can use your own data to optimize your campaign.

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Posted 3 years ago
Condensed knowledge in little time

The videos of this class are excellent as they go directly to the important details, strategy and settings. This is highly condensed knowledge in a short timeframe and I will repeat a lot the videos for sure to internalize these important concepts. I'm not a beginner, I would classify this course already as advanced skills for the not so new beginner 😉

Posted 3 years ago
All you need to run ads on IG and FB

This course enabled me to understand this more technical part as a beginner. It guides you through all the necessary steps for running FB and IG ads by yourself. Little tricks included. You need a little perseverance to install the plug in for Facebook Pixel. But in doubt you still can ask for help in the academy classroom!

Posted 3 years ago
best value for money

Worth every cent, learned a lot by doing this course! I finally feel confident enough to deal with the Marketing-related tasks of my company!

Posted 3 years ago
Great Class for everyone who is starting in the modern ad world

With the help of Karim and his class I was able to set up my first Facebook ad. I already see the benefits and I am looking forward to experiment with different ad sets to see what ads perform the best. Definitely upped my online marketing game. Looking forward to the next class!

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